23rd Santos International Coffee Seminar


Brazil’s excellence and leadership in the coffee world is unquestioned. Because of this, where the ocean meets the Atlantic Rainforest in Guarujá, a gathering between decision makers will discuss issues affecting the sector: Environmental and Social Governance, Regenerative Agriculture, Climate Impact, and Logistics Challenges.

We will discuss innovations and reflect on today’s trends, perspectives, and challenges. Enjoy the local cuisine beachside to renew your contacts and do business.

Networking and Business

With the main market players present, we will gain knowledge through shared ideas and experiences and discuss trends and innovations in an ideal setting strengthening relationships and setting up future business.

Your support will help this expressive gathering tol establish a pleasant, relaxing, and friendly setting among coffee business leaders in which forged relationships will yield dividends. Choose the best approach by which your team can help the make the seminar fruitful for the participants and profitable for you brand.

The New Vision

We are on the eve of a new business vision. We can no longer merely discuss the issues that affect the well-being of our business’s, communities’, and environment that sustains us. Concrete actions are the day’s order.

The Brazilian producer leads these actions to guaranty his leadership in the market. He looks after a framer’ s most valued asset: the land on which three hundred thousand coffee-growing families work to lead the way to responsible agriculture. Families as diverse as Brazil with its Indigenous, African, and European legacies.

Brazil wants to show the supply chain what these families are doing, what they need to win, and what their partners can do to help. It is time to commit to concrete actions. If not now, when? If not us, who?


The Santos Commercial Association – 150 years in the Forefront

When the Port of Santos was nothing more than rickety wooden piers, local businessmen with vision decided that to become a world reference of success they would have to do it on their own. They established the Santos Commercial Association in 1870.

They led the organized port’s construction, the eradication of endemic diseases, the building of potable water and sewer systems, city lighting and power, public transportation, railroad systems, and the city’s reorganization taking it from a small colonial village to a point-of-entry for the world. They created a safe business environment by regulating trading houses, warehouses, establishing tariffs, and issuing warranty certificates essential to make sure the then emerging coffee business would flourish.

Going 150 years strong, the young Association works to speed up business to assure it is sound, balanced, and sustainable.





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